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Andy Biersack x reader pt 2

(andy's POV)

ever since that last dream i had about her, they just stopped happening. what did that note mean? is she truely alive. i guess ill never know. but its time to start the concert, maybe that'll get my mind off things.

(??? POV)
I stood in the crowd, trying to avoid the weird looks I had been given. I dont know why i even came to a concert like this because apparently a girl like me wouldnt like this music. But when i first heard it i got hooked, and something (or someone) drew me to this concert. theyre probably all staring cause of my dress (dress looks like this…) well no matter the case the concert was about to begin. I hope its as amazing as i have always dreamed it would be.

(andy's POV)

We came out on the stage, and the music began. nobody in particular had caught my eye but then again i thought i saw my dream girl in the auidience. i wonder if ashley saw her too, i did tell him about the dream. maybe if it is her he'll tell me.
~time skip~
 we ended with the song fallen angels and went off stage to meet some fans. ashley kept giving me looks, and no fangirls reading this it wasnt out of love. Its like he saw something that i should see.

(ashley's short POV)
why does my POV have to be short? oh nevermind, i took andy out of his group of fangirls and over to where a beautiful girl about his age was. from his descriptions, this was the girl who he had dreams about. I decided to leave them alone as soon as i saw a mixture of emotions flood andy's eyes.

(no one's POV)
as he had left, the girl had wondered why he told her to stay. she looked over to andy who became as pale as a ghost. "h..hi? Im-" but before she finished her sentence andy hugged her, as if he let go she would dissapear. "Its you.." He silently said, letting the now flustered girl go. "you may not know me, but i had dreams about you. but it also wasnt you, but it was you from the past." "um.. i umm-" the girl could barely form words. ((flustered reader is flustered)) "i uh, think you have the wrong girl." "no youre (y/n), arent you?" he said, and took out the note. the girl took it and read it over, a mixture of confusion and rememberance came over her. "i remember writing this, but i never remembered why. and how did it get to you?" (y/n) handed him back the letter and looked him in the eyes, those beautiful blue orbs of his. "you may not know of youre past, but i saw it. and if you come with me ill tell you all about it" andy said, holding his hand out for her to take. "i trust you" was all she said, and took his hand.

(andy's POV)
This was 2 years ago, and we are still together. since that faithful day i have decided ill never let anything hurt her again. i cannot let her leave me like how she left my old dreams. but now i have better dreams; involving a white dress, a preacher, and a ring. and im determined to have that dream come true.

~the end~
Andy x Reader part 2
bad story is bad.
i got this idea last night, and i decided to write this. i know you guys have been begging (and demanding) that i write the 2nd part. and i didnt want anyone to be so sad. so heres a happy ending, if you want the wedding or a sad ending just request it but this computer sucks so idk when itll be written. so i hope you guys like this.

:iconletmehugyouplz: yay now you and andy are both happy. ENJOY it while it lasts.

~love mew my trolls~
 Im thinking about writing a Gumlee fanfiction but Im having trouble thinking about a plot for it. But you should all be expecting one :3

Oh yeah and im baaaack~

~love you my kittens~



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United States
hey, i am a dedicated geek to many things (most have to do with homestuck, bands, anime, & youtube) and i hope mew all enjoy my work. i co-own this profile with my sister, who seems to be better at stories so far. but no matter what i hope you like our works and please watch for more coming up.
~love mew my trolls~

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