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Andy x Reader part 2
Andy Biersack x reader pt 2
(andy's POV)
ever since that last dream i had about her, they just stopped happening. what did that note mean? is she truely alive. i guess ill never know. but its time to start the concert, maybe that'll get my mind off things.
(??? POV)
I stood in the crowd, trying to avoid the weird looks I had been given. I dont know why i even came to a concert like this because apparently a girl like me wouldnt like this music. But when i first heard it i got hooked, and something (or someone) drew me to this concert. theyre probably all staring cause of my dress (dress looks like this well no matter the case the concert was about to begin. I hope its as amazing as i have always dreamed it would be.
(andy's POV)
We came out on the stage, and the music began. nobody in particular had caught my eye but then again i
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eyeless jack by NepetaLegion eyeless jack :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 16 1 Titan Eren by NepetaLegion Titan Eren :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 0 0 Jeff the Killer by NepetaLegion Jeff the Killer :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 11 0 Mitch Lucker's pole by NepetaLegion Mitch Lucker's pole :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 1 0 Rip Mitch Lucker by NepetaLegion Rip Mitch Lucker :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 1 0
Mature content
Scary Story :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 0 1
gettin better by NepetaLegion gettin better :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 0 1
human!Eridanxreader Talking to the moon
human!Eridanxreader Talking to the moon
{(y/n)=your name, (c/n)=country name, (h/c)=hair color, (e/c)=eyecolor, (s/t)=skintone, I believe you know the basics.. onto the sad/fluff fiction! *flys off into the sunset*}
(Eridan's POV)
I know you're somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back
My neighbours think
I'm crazy
But they don't understand
You're all I have
You're all I have
It has been well over a few months since (Y/N)had movved awway, boy had I missed her.. I dont knoww wwhy though... I wwas in lovve wwith Fef, right? WWho am I kidding, I lovve (Y/N)... But she wwent off to (C/N) for college and wwasn't coming back until summer... all the other guys believve ivve gone mad believving that she'd ever lovve a guy like me... But... Your the only one I havve....
At night when the stars
light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the Moon.
Try to get to You
In hopes you're on
the other side
Talking to me too.
Or Am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon?
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Distance GamzeexOC1
Distance GamzeexOC1
(slight cursing as Karkat and Gamzee are in this)
It happened some time ago, which has felt like an eternity to me as i float about in this dream world. why had i not listened, and when had it all gone wrong. I guess our love was only my imagination...
(start music now)
The sun is filling up the room
And I can hear you dreaming
Do you feel the way I do right now?
I wish we would just give up
Cause the best part is falling
Call it anything but love
My name is Tulsi Ramiah, I am a low blooded mutant with my rare sparkly gold blood. I was, in my mind, a regular troll. But in reality, i was a geeky goth who kept trying to be what humans call an 'otaku'. 'OF COurse IM SEen AS AN OUtcast', I thought. I walked our of my jungle hive, making sure not to awake Squeakers (my tiger lusus), as i make my way to meet up with my morial. My morial is Eridan Ampora, and i know, he is a High-blood but he also helped me escape slavery. I decided that he will be my morial no matter what
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chibi!gamzee by NepetaLegion chibi!gamzee :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 5 3 Chibi's by NepetaLegion Chibi's :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 1 0 Uberhaxornova-vs-herobrine by NepetaLegion Uberhaxornova-vs-herobrine :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 1 0 Silent-sam by NepetaLegion Silent-sam :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 1 0 how about some assasins creed cosplay? by NepetaLegion how about some assasins creed cosplay? :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 4 0 2p!california by NepetaLegion 2p!california :iconnepetalegion:NepetaLegion 0 0


Joke by amebowa-czarownica Joke :iconamebowa-czarownica:amebowa-czarownica 201 41 Toby Turner AKA Tobuscus by HayleyMayo Toby Turner AKA Tobuscus :iconhayleymayo:HayleyMayo 90 52 ImmortalHD/Aleks by HayleyMayo ImmortalHD/Aleks :iconhayleymayo:HayleyMayo 208 26 Toby Turner - Suitbuscus by HayleyMayo Toby Turner - Suitbuscus :iconhayleymayo:HayleyMayo 80 39 Slyfoxhound by HayleyMayo Slyfoxhound :iconhayleymayo:HayleyMayo 291 114 The Creature's Treetopia by LucasDuimstra The Creature's Treetopia :iconlucasduimstra:LucasDuimstra 151 16 Andy Biersack Sketch/WIP by KitCat3216 Andy Biersack Sketch/WIP :iconkitcat3216:KitCat3216 1 1 Chivalry Sketch/WIP by KitCat3216 Chivalry Sketch/WIP :iconkitcat3216:KitCat3216 1 3
You rubbed your eyes lightly, droplets streaming from them as you glanced down at the bottle in your hand, sighing lightly.
You had a semi-bad case of Dry Eye, and these darn things were your only hope of not rubbing your eyes out.
Unfortunately this brand of eye drops gave you a small case of the 'Sniffles' for a few minutes.
They're also the only brand that works for you.
You sniffled lightly, unknown that someone was pressed against the door, listening.
You shrieked lightly as the door slammed open, a demigod looking at you with concern in his eyes. He quickly walked towards you, inspecting you.
"How did you get in here?!" You asked your semi-friend.
"That matters not," He said, taking your chin in his hands and looking down at you, focusing on the 'tear' streaks that had slid from your eyes.
"Who did this to you," He asked. "Who dies today?"
You blushed lightly, looking into his eyes.
"No one, L-Loki."
He took your stuttering as proof that something was wrong, and he assumed your b
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Chibi Loki by KitCat3216 Chibi Loki :iconkitcat3216:KitCat3216 5 16 Homestuck - Humanstuck Gamzee by Kireikage Homestuck - Humanstuck Gamzee :iconkireikage:Kireikage 133 32 Animation: Pewdiepie, Cryaotic and Russ Money by hamichiru Animation: Pewdiepie, Cryaotic and Russ Money :iconhamichiru:hamichiru 826 96 Don't cry little Cry. by ShininK Don't cry little Cry. :iconshinink:ShininK 1,607 294



 Im thinking about writing a Gumlee fanfiction but Im having trouble thinking about a plot for it. But you should all be expecting one :3

Oh yeah and im baaaack~

~love you my kittens~



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hey, i am a dedicated geek to many things (most have to do with homestuck, bands, anime, & youtube) and i hope mew all enjoy my work. i co-own this profile with my sister, who seems to be better at stories so far. but no matter what i hope you like our works and please watch for more coming up.
~love mew my trolls~


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